After really good sales of my autobiography "The Mechanic who got Lucky", I have completely sold out! Many thanks to everyone that bought the book and I hope you enjoyed it!.
The forward is written by James Whitham, and there are contributions from Niall MacKenzie, Terry Rymer, Jim Moodie and Jeremy McWilliams all who I am very grateful to.

There are 350 pages and 150 black and white photos chronicling my journey through life, from my youth riding old ex-WD bikes on bomb sites through my teenage years being a lunatic on the roads. From starting racing at an early age first on solos then nine years on sidecars, with a bit of riding speedway and stock-car racing thrown in.

It covers my early days in the motorcycle trade, on to starting my own m/c business then forming my tuning business. There is quite a large section on changing the face of Production racing and into the Marlboro Series and the LC era and through the KR1S and RGV eras.
I am very proud of the riders I helped and sponsored and there is an appendix listing all of them. As my business moved more into road-bikes and specials there is also an appendix listing the huge amount of road tests and articles that featured my work, with some behind the scenes stories.

A business is only as good as its staff and throughout the book I keep the reader up to date with the characters who worked for me and the changes in locations and direction of the business.

I cover the bikesport of my two sons, Harley and Garry, their stories most fathers will associate with, the highs and the lows and them never going to be the next Dougie Lampkin or Valentino Rossi.

There is the personal side of my life, injuries, marriage, tragedies, getting old. In “The Mechanic who got Lucky” there is something for everyone. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Being an independent individual I have written, edited and published the book myself and because I refuse to inflate the price of MY book to enable the High Street and Internet bookshops to make 40% profit I am marketing it myself as well!